Serbia’s Kosovo Coverup: Who Hid the Bodies?

Serbia’s Kosovo Coverup: Who Hid the Bodies?  On April 4, 1999, a fisherman in the eastern Serbian village of Tekija made a macabre discovery in the River Danube – a refrigerator truck, dumped in the waters, had risen to the surface.The truck had no licence plates, just a logo suggesting that it belonged to the PIK Progress Export Slaughterhouse from the Kosovo town of Prizren.

A frogman sent down to explore reported that driver’s seat was empty and a stone had been placed on the accelerator pedal. Crime scene technician Bosko ‘Bole’ Radojkovic from the nearby town of Kladovo and his police superior Milan Stevanovic both initially assumed it had been some kind of accident.

But when Radojkovic investigated further, he found the truck’s grisly cargo – not slaughtered animals, but scores of decomposing human bodies. …

The Belgrade officials who took hundreds of murdered Albanians’ corpses from Kosovo to Serbia and concealed them in mass graves have never been prosecuted in their home country. Balkan Insight (BIRN), April 23, 2015

via Balkan Witness: Reports from the Area of Conflict.


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April 23, 2015 · 12:58 pm

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