Tales of the unexpected: Moving the goalposts with Ivica-love

Tales of the unexpected: Moving the goalposts with Ivica-love On 28 March 1999, members of the “Scorpions,” a reserve police unit, paid an uninvited visit to the home of the Bogujevci family in Podujevo. By the time the visit ended a few minutes later, fourteen members of the Bogujevci family, the Lugaliju family and the Duriqi family were murdered by gunshots. The visit by the “Scorpions” was not part of a battle or a fight against terrorism. At the ages of two and four respectively, Albion Duriqi and Mimoza Duriqi had not had the chance to join any organizations, paramilitary or otherwise. Shehide Bogujevci and Hamdi Duriqi were past the age for active military service. Some of the five children who survived the massacre participated in collecting and giving evidence at the trial of Vlastimir Djordjević (convicted and awaiting appeal) at ICTY. By Eric Gordy, December 19, 2013

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